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Climate Change is soon defeated

Sensational innovation will capture carbon dioxide in a "trap". The climate threat is thus eliminated.

STOCKHOLM, SVERIGE, April 20, 2017 / -- Today, the day after tomorrow, every second, climate change kills the nature, water, animals and people.
Millions of children are hit. But you'll never more need to worry about your life or your kids.
The whole World's, and Your Company's dream has come true. Human-made carbon dioxide-free air e.g. reduced from 400ppm to 300ppm.

It is a well-known fact (but hidden) that the wind, solar, wood, and batteries, unfortunately, will not be able to save the world's energy consumption. This kind of energy sources, require massive amounts of energy:
to be built, materials, transports, to be operated, and scrapped!
BP Statistics 2015, world consumption: Coal, oil, gas 86% (increasing), hydroelectric and nuclear 11%, biofuel 2%, "renewable" wind power and solar only 1%!

Your family and the world can now easily and quickly be rescued, for to enjoy a bright, prosperous and clean future. Fossil energy and greenhouse gasses is no longer a problem. But we need to get rid of all "green charlatans" who deliberately, for money, or out of ignorance, prevents survival of humanity.
The UN and our world have finally gotten the technology we hoped for. Now, the UN-nations can quickly begin to save lives, humans, and animals.

All the "Good Green Organizations," Loves and Applauds this Life-Saving Innovation.
At least those who care about nature, clean water, animals and people. They will, of course, do everything they can to save you and the world, with the help of HyMeAirs innovation.

The sketch below shows HyMeAirs carbon dioxide "trap," which with the help of wind and graphene filter directly, captures CO2 and N2O, from the air. A fantastic innovation which means that CCS-technology, will become simple, cheap and very efficient.

HyMeAir has begun a collaboration with a research group at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, to quickly give you and the whole world a bright, clean future. Soon, we can use this technology to reduce the greenhouse gasses to the level deemed appropriate by the Paris Agreement of the United Nations.
That will save the world from the perils of global climate change.

The climate change costs are enormous, $ 7 000 billion per year!
The IMF has estimated that all costs, such as tax paid to support for wind power, solar power, biofuels and batteries, indirect and direct subsidies, certificates, allowances, many, many targeted punitive taxes against fossil energy, carbon footprint, and climate change itself, about $7,000 billion per year. An average of $1,000 per year per person in the world!

With the HyMeAir unique greenhouse gasses captured "trap," the whole world can continue to use unlimited amounts of fossil energy, without affecting the climate.
All people in the world will also, on average, get $ 1000 in additional net income every year, according to IMF figures.

The research team, who are experts on graphene, lead by one professor at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and the inventor Claes Persson. Our simple initial test succeeded in separating energy gas hydrogen, the smallest existent molecule. We are now in the follow-up phase of more stringent, scientific testing.
Further, also increase the efficiency of graphene filter, and at the same time make prototypes. We estimate that this product development should be completed 2018-2019.

The world's top priority is the climate change, fossil fuels, and energy sources.
Money is not the world's problem. With full support from UN and others, who care about our planet and humanity,
we expect that we already in 2020-2022 can assist some large enterprises, who want to be the world leading companies in future, to start building full-scale plants.

About HyMeAir:
HyMeAir is a Swedish company founded by Claes Persson, an entrepreneur with many successful launches to his credit (Claes have even founded a computer company that in the 90s became Sweden's most fast growing company and stock exchange winner.) HyMeAir/Claes Persson has created a new innovative process, to filter and separate all different kind of molecules from the air. This innovation will save our world from ongoing climate change, and also give us all energy we need to a very low price. It is an innovative, simple product built on elementary physics and atomic physics, easy to understand.

Company Name: HyMeAir AB
Contact Person: Claes Persson - CEO,
City: Stockholm,

Claes Persson
HyMeAir AB
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